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R.O.N Locksmith is a trusted and credible name in the region thanks to their integrity of services and certified locksmith professionals.

Our company believes in giving you professional 24 hour service wherever you are. We have a certified team of veteran experts in their field to cater to your car, home and business needs round the clock. We have an extensive network of well equipped mobile vans and this is why we can reach you within 15 minutes wherever you are around Lincoln Park, Chicago IL.


“I love the way you work. The rates affordable and the services just great…thanks a lot guys and do keep up the good work!” William Jones

Local Locksmith Lincoln Park Services

We provide you with a personal guarantee that each locksmith project will be performed by a licensed and credible professional. All our technicians are well versed with the latest technology and equipment. This is why they are fast and prompt at their jobs. They never compromise on quality and ensure you get the best value for your money. Once you work with them you will call them over and over again!

Locksmith Lincoln Park Residential Services

Your home needs security as it protects your loved ones and valuables. Our professionals enhance the present security of your home with installation of locks and security systems. They are able to work with both modern and obsolete locks. This is why they are reputed. They never fail to understand the techniques of one lock especially when they are dealing with complex systems. There are many residents in Lincoln Park who have relied on them for their home security needs. This is why they are trusted and available for everyone no matter how big or small their locksmith needs may be!

Locksmith Lincoln Park Commercial Services

A business premises needs to be protected round the clock and its security should never be compromised. If you are the owner of a business premises it is very important for you to get a locksmith professional to evaluate the security system of your establishment. If it is too old it may be susceptible to break in and thefts. You must be careful and the only means of prevention of robberies is to improve the security system you have. Robbers are sophisticated and they can break into complex locks easily. Why take the risk? Call us and get a check up done. We will change your security system and protect your office forever!

24 Hour Emergency Services Lincoln Park Chicago

Call us any time. If it is an emergency pick up the phone and just tell us where you are! Yes we reach the spot any place any time. Our network of experts and vehicles are well versed with all areas in Lincoln Park. We hardly take 15 minutes to come over and help you out. We can fix locks on spot and in case you need installation of a new lock we do that for you too!

Contact us for complete home, car and business locksmith solutions – Best price & Best service!

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