Panic bar was invented in the early 1900s in order to avoid people from being trapped inside a construction during a fire. These days, panic bars are a required safety feature in all commercial businesses. State-of-the-art panic bars can be utilized on time delayed doors, fire doors, and delayed system. Electrical and mechanical exit devices provide exceptional safety and security.

A fundamental, mechanical panic bar can be set up to fire exits, entrances or any door that requires the safety of being locked on the outside but need to be opened on the inside. Like for example, the back doors of workplaces, retail business and warehouses might choose for this kind of locking mechanism. The most excellent panic bars meet the ANSI A156.3-2001 Grade 1 measure. For the utmost security, select panic bars that provide over 2,000 pounds of inert load force resistance. This avoids intruders from prying or pulling the door open from outside.

Electric panic bars on the other hand can be attached into a fire alarm to instantly unlock if the alarm is tripped. Moreover, some type of panic bars can be set up to trip the alarm once they are pushed open from inside. Basically, these kinds of panic bars are utilized on commercial buildings with high levels of occupancy, which uses a completely featured fire and safety alarm system. Another purpose of electric panic bars is to manage exit throughout a delayed exit system. These technologies allow security workers to check access to and from the building.

On new building, door frames could be made to accommodate the setup of the latest panic bar designs that take account of a safer double latch mechanism and technology that makes the operation of bar smoother and quieter. When it comes to existing doors, search for panic bars that can be easily set up in the active panic bar footprint without the need of doing costly door preparations.

The best thing to consider in choosing and setting up panic bars is what kind of trim to utilize on the door exterior. When the entrance is not planned as a door, then no trim is essential or you might opt to setup a night latch which takes account of key lock with or without handle. Other choices include handle with thumb key lock and latch, dummy handle, or a lever handle with key lock. Panic bars could be utilized to lock on the inside with cylinder or hex key lock.

Electric type of panic bars frequently don’t come with interior mechanical locking choice and can just be unlocked and locked through the safety system. You need to prepare at least $600 or more than for a high quality panic bars, however electric panic bars can be obtained at a price of $1000 or more than.

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