The Schlage BE468 Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock utilizes advanced technology features in order to protect your home through enhanced security measures.


  • Built-in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to activity at the door.
  • 3 alert modes, “activity”, “tamper”, or “forced entry”.
  • Fingerprint and smudge resistant touchscreen interface.
  • Color choices – Aged Bronze, Satin Nickel, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome.
  • Style Options – Century and Camelot
  • Anti-pick shield protecting against lock tampering.
  • LED backlight buttons for easy keypad access in the dark.
  • Schlage Connect and Z-Wave Technology.
  • Grade 1 Highest Residential Security Rating
  • Stores up to 30 personalized user codes at a time.

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More Details

The Schlage BE468 Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock is derived from a company that has been innovating locks for more than 90 years.  With such experience and expertise comes a door lock that combines all of the best security features into one deadbolt system that is redefining what it means to be safe and secure.

The innovative touchscreen interface provides the convenience of keyless entry while eliminating the hassle of having to keep track of keys. The fingerprint and smudge resistant keypad ensures codes will not be visible to intruders even after repeated use allowing for a further level of safeguarding for your home.

Built from high quality and durable materials, this keyless touchpad deadbolt gives you extra layers of security at any point of residence entry.  Other highlights include a motorized bolt, a tapered bolt design that automatically locks and unlocks and an auto-lock option where if the door is left unlocked the deadbolt will re-lock automatically after 30 seconds.  Also featuring Z-Wave Technology, and “Schlage Connect” the BE468 deadbolt gives you state of the art remote management capabilities as well as integration with additional home monitoring systems giving you the power to control your home locks from anywhere and at anytime.