For every home and car, security and safety are highly essential. This is why keys, locks and electronic safety devices came into existence. The innovation was supposedly to provide a solution to the growing need for home and personal safety and other belongings. Locksmith plays an essential part in everyone’s life. Even if sometimes unrecognized and ignored locksmith is the one who keep us secure in our house and our cars as well. Without this service, the rate of burglary and theft has already increased in uncontrollable numbers.


R.O.N Locksmith is a full locksmith service company servicing entire Chicago area. The company is well known all over the place because of their dedication in providing high quality locksmith services.


In many construction and business buildings, a lot of them are already utilizing keyless entry by means of ID swiping, setting up monitoring and other state of the art locking devices and safety alarm tools. R.O.N Locksmith works professionally in installing file cabinet locks, cabinet key repair, vault locks, door key replacement, and desk lock installations as well as general lock upgrades on the entire existing locks.


The most fundamental service that R.O.N Locksmith offers is the locks installation in a new home. Homeowners usually want their own safety and their belonging secured. This could be done through installing locks on each door and window in the house. However, aside from that, we also restore and repair locks for older houses. Other associated residential services we provide include key duplication in cases when there’s need for each member of the family need own set of keys, home vaults installation and safes, desk lock installation and repairs, garage door installation and repair and overall maintenance of home locks, electronic or not.


R.O.N Locksmith is called on different services, not just about the duplication of car key or making replace keys but also for many other reasons like setting up an electronic lock installed in your garage. R.O.N Locksmith is technically skilled in working with locks and keys of various models and kinds of cars. For garage door, we can make sure the safety of the car through planning and designing electronic lock systems.


R.O.N Locksmith also provides this kind of services. We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week. We are always ready to assist you even in the most difficult times of the day. People call us during car and home lock outs, at the time of car accidents once our expertise needed to open a jammed door with trapped passengers, and at the time of fire disasters if doors need to be unlocked to help people inside a burning structure.

With our extremely trained locksmith experts accessible to you 24/7, we handle various kinds of locksmith calls. It doesn’t matter if it is for your car, office and home. R.O.N Locksmith handles all issues regarding locksmith with the quickest service possible. This is what makes us apart from the rest. 

24/7 Locksmith Services in Chicago