People always try to get their property as secured as possible. However, no home can ever be completely secured and immune to crimes. But, there are ways in which it can be prevented and that includes taking necessary preventive measures. These measures can reduce the risk of these things from happening.

The most important thing one needs to keep in mind is to be aware of the surroundings. Do all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security both of your family and home. To help you in this aspect, we are providing security facts that can let you know the preventive measures you need to take. Please read these facts and answer some of the questions that are included.

The questions can be answered by yes or no and in every ‘No’ you answer means a weakness that could assist a criminal. But, the more ‘No’ answers that can be converted to ‘Yes’, the more protection is given to your household. It is best to consult with a residential locksmith professional in your area in reviewing these so that the security needs of your household can be assessed as well.


There are several facts surrounding your home’s security. One of which is that many of the crimes occurring today happen because someone gave the criminal the chance to do it. Less planning about establishing home security can lead to burglaries. Whether the neighborhood is in the rich or poor scale, it can be affected by crime. That is because no neighborhood is guaranteed 100% safe from this occurrence. Professional burglars are a rare occurrence. At most, burglar occurrence in an area is led by neighborhood juvenile. Thus, it is possible to be deterred. Most of these occurrences involve criminals not being caught, maybe because of the fact that it happens in daytime when most people are at work.

Burglars often enter through either unlocked windows or doors. It only takes them less than 2 minutes to get inside one’s home. But, their entry can be delayed and once you succeed in this, you are also able to stop them.


  • Do you practice avoiding telling strangers about your daily routines?
  • Did you instill in your children’s mind not to discuss family matters with strangers?
  • Are your gates in good condition and can be properly locked?
  • Are your doors properly equipped with the right locks?
  • Are your exterior doors constructed with solid core?
  • Are the exposed hinges equipped with non-removable pins?
  • Are your doors with removable pins ‘pinned’ to avoid removal?
  • Are the valuables you are keeping at home properly and securely stored in a security or safe closet?
  • Did you ever consider installing an intercom system?
  • Are you using a home safe? If you are, does it weigh above 750lbs?
  • If not, is the home safe anchored well in a safe place preventing it from being carried off?

All these facts along with the questions are mean to prevent the occurrence of theft. It is not provided to address this problem, but to show the common security issues and solutions you may encounter and use.

If you need your home’s security to be assessed, feel free to contact R.O.N Locksmith for assistance. We provide a free quote and 24 hour locksmith services.

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