Knowing that your car does not start can be very frustrating. If you are experiencing problem when you are trying to start your vehicle, you might be having an ignition system issue.

Ignition problems can be very daunting and it can cause delay to your daily activities. We know how difficult it is to suffer from this problem that is why we have unveiled the most important solutions to solve this problem more effectively.


When the spark plus does not give any spark, it is best thing that you can do is to actually clean up the spark plug using a clean, dry cloth. During rainy seasons, spark plugs may not spark because of the presence of water within the plug. However, it your vehicle is still not starting, it is a good idea to call our reliable car ignition specialist to resolve the problem.


Asses the ignition switch for deterioration or corrosion that may be the cause of resistance. The best way that you can do to solve the issue is to replace the ignition switch with a new one.


A controlled explosion happens inside the car engine that emits a great amount of heat once you start your vehicle. The coolant is a valuable component that controls the high temperature. Without regular maintenance may reduce the overall functionality of the cooling system. Therefore, it is best to have your engine regular maintained, so everything in the system will be at its best working condition. During the inspection, assess the coolant level and system from time to time to prevent from experiencing overheating issues.


There are two essential solutions to solve this problem. When your engine does not start, asses the battery, and make sure that it is properly charged to be able to run the engine. Check out the ignition wire because any defect on it will obstruct the battery from supplying adequate current to the engine for it to run. If you notice any problem with the ignition switch or your car or its wiring, repair the problem immediately.

If the engine is in a good working condition as well as the battery, but you find that your vehicle is still not starting, check your key chain. Do you have a lot of keys in your key chain? If so, then remove the entire keys from it except your car’s ignition key. When you are carrying a heavy key chain, it will move constantly back and forth, causing a continuous damage in your ignition switch. If the ignition switch is no longer working, then it requires a replacement.

If you are in need of ignition replacement, just call our experts to provide you the best services that you need.

We will replace the best and durable ignition that will enable you to enjoy long years of usage. We know how hard it is to know that your car won’t start, especially when you are in an emergency situation. Just give us a call and we will help!

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