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Locksmith Client Testimonials are proofs that our services are excellent. Many customers are satisfied with our services offered. That is the reason they can’t resist giving wonderful reviews that can help other people whenever they needed our one of a kind locksmith services. Whatever situation or wherever you are, we will come to serve you.

Here are the Testimonials of the satisfied and thankful Clients:


"I am really happy with the services received! I was locked out of my home suddenly. I realized I had forgotten to take the keys in my pocket. It was freezing cold and nearing ten O’clock in the night; luckily I had my mobile and saved your number. I had used you before for a small lock installation and so the number was in my memory. The moment I called you were so helpful. Before I knew it I saw your van drawing in and friendly staff hopping out. In minutes I was back inside. I just do not know what to say. You are friendly, caring and just so in one single word “wonderful!” I have already begun recommending you to my friends and family. I am so happy!"
5 stars service  Rachel H ,Chicago IL.

"I wanted to take the time to write and let you know that Joseph was exceptional!

At the beginning of our project, Joseph listened to our needs, answered all my questions, and explained exactly what was needed and why, while always keeping our safety and budget in mind.

I couldn't be happier with the results, and I appreciate that Joseph made the experience pleasant, and easy to handle, whereas most service appointments we've had are not. You have yourself a highly skilled, professional, and kind locksmith on your team. Thank you!!"
5 stars service  Nicole V ,Chicago IL.

“I was stuck outside of my car because its door won’t open and I badly needed help to resolve this issue. R.O.N Locksmith came to the rescue and help with the issue. They opened the door easily without causing any damage on my car. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and people I knew. Great job, guys!”
5 stars service Danny Holmes ,Skokie.

“My car’s trunk won’t open and the bad news is that my groceries are stuck on it. If R.O.N Locksmith Chicago’s technician didn’t arrived quickly, our dinner could have been spoiled. I’m relieved that I decide to contact Locksmith Chicago 24/7.”
5 stars service Brian R ,Chicago IL.

“When my door lock wasn’t functioning even if I have the right key, I already knew who to call to address this problem. R.O.N Locksmith Chicago 24/7 was recommended by my friend and I owe her for it. Thank you very much for reprogramming door lock of my car.” 
5 stars service Dana Mos ,Chicago IL.

“These professionals are absolutely awesome. Missing my daughter’s graduation party just because my car’s ignition key malfunctioned is not a good thing. Thank you for allowing me to attend the graduation party of my daughter on time. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, but I am really thankful from the bottom of my heart. ” 
5 stars service Stephen .R. ,Rogers Park.

“I didn’t expect the quick response of R.O.N Locksmith Chicago 24/7 to help me. The technician was polite and make sure that I will be safe after duplicating my keys. Thanks for the best work!” 
5 stars service Joshua J ,Chicago IL.

“The lock for my garage was broken in several months but the good thing is that no things were stolen. I don’t want to happen it again so I decided to contact R.O.N Locksmith. Thank you for helping me out.”
5 stars service Monique Stuk ,Chicago IL.

“Once hot summer day, I locked myself out of the car. I didn’t want to be stranded under the sun especially I was really far from my home. The technician from R.O.N Locksmith Chicago arrived for less than an hour and helped me. Thank you dudes.”
5 stars service Taylor Traboolus ,Chicago IL.

“I lost my keys while playing golf with my friends. I don’t want to leave my car in that parking lot and I decided to call R.O.N Locksmith. I’m happy that I called them. Their service was fantastic. A helpful woman helped on the process and the technician arrived immediately. I must say that R.O.N Locksmith Chicago was the best company ever.” 
5 stars service Pat ,Chicago IL.

“I wanted to make sure that all my lock is safe because there are robberies happened few miles from our block. I gave R.O.N Locksmith a call and I was impressed with their service.”
5 stars service Kirsten,Chicago IL.

“I just had a bad breakup, and my ex refused to give his key to my house back to me. I obviously didn’t want him getting in, so I had a new lock installed on the front door. I was very surprised that the process was so quick and painless. They got the lock changed very quickly, so now I can rest easy. Everyone I talked to was very nice and professional and the price was a whole lot better than I expected. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a lock changed. Thanks so much!”
5 stars service Brittany ,Downtown Chicago IL.


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