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Protecting your personal belongings with a home safe gives you the security that it’s there to protect your valuables from destruction or theft. You get that peace of mind knowing that your important documents, jewelry, money, family heirlooms or firearms will be safe even through water damage or fire. Safes also protect the wandering curious child, housekeeper or babysitter from stumbling upon things that you would choose they not see.

There also some things that you have to consider when choosing safes. What kind of protection do you want? Home safes should protect your personal belongings from water damage, fire and of course, theft. There are safes that are specifically made for one or a combination of these threats. You also need to consider the style you’re looking for.

Home safes can be anything from a floor, file or wall mount safe to a file cabinet, a small chest or business or home safe. You’ll want to install your safe away from the closet or master bedroom as this is the first area a thief would look.

Different types of Security Safes

Depository Safes  Depository Safes
Fireproof Safes  Fireproof Safes
Floor Safes Floor Safes
Gun Safes  Gun Safes
Record Safes  Record Safes
Wall Safes  Wall Safes
Jewelry safes Jewelry safes
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Security Safe Services: Safe Opening, Repairs, Safe Removal Service

There are also times when the security they offer falter such as when their locks don’t function properly. This is where R.O.N Locksmith Chicago can help you. We offer reliable and affordable locksmith services to meet your needs. With our 15-min response time, you are sure that your problem will be fixed in no time.

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