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Lock rekeyMany people lose or misplace keys without any intention. They just don’t remember where they had put their keys. It happens to almost everybody.

If this happened to you, many would suggest or recommend you the term lock re-keying instead of using your duplicates. Duplicates are maybe useful after you have lost your keys. However, it is still unsafe to leave your house or car alone because your original key might be in the hands of bad people and wanted to rob things from you.

Lock Rekey and Lock Change

Lock re-keying is different from changing locks. It is much cheaper and can enhance your security. Lock re-keying can also limit the persons that have access on your office, bedroom, car, house, or any property. To top it all, it is the process of changing lock’s mechanism which only the new key will have an access on the lock. The old key will be useless once it was re-keyed.

On the other hand, changing locks literally means replacing your entire locking system. It is costly and may be time consuming depending on the locksmith company. When your lock system was changed, you will have new lock hardware and extra keys. It may upgrade your security because of its new features, but you will also receive an expensive bill.

Kits are present on different brands of lock. Only a professional and trained locksmith is the expert on what kits are perfect for your lock. Kits may differ from various models of lock that is available in the market. If you have problems on your entrance lock or deadbolt lock, re-keying is very effective to them. When availing re-keying service, do not throw your current keys before the locksmith arrive in your home. It will be used during the re-keying process. The professional locksmith uses it to remove the current cylinder of your lock.

Lock re-keying is necessary because whoever who has duplicates for your lock will not have the power to access it anymore. All the important components of your lock will be assembled on the re-keying process and would provide a unique mechanism which can be accessed only by the new keys. Its interior will be changed into a different one. Lock re-keying will lessen your worries from other people who have duplicates on your car or house. You can also apply re-keying for your master key.

It is always important to take actions immediately if you want to be safe and secured. Once you’ve lost your keys for your car or house, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your lock system. You can take this helpful alternative.

Rekey Residential & Commercial Locks

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