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Exit devices are commonly used for commercial establishments. They are often required to put exit devices to provide employees and customers with safe emergency exit from their building and also to comply with both life safety and fire safety codes.

Exit devices are generally used in doors that need to be latched and those that provides emergency exits to building occupants. This typically includes cross corridor doors, exit doors, exit only doors and stairwell doors. There are different exit devices types and styles you can make use for your security needs and R.O.N Locksmith can provide you with wide range of exit devices you can choose from. R.O.N Locksmith offers locksmith solutions to all clients in Chicago Illinois. They service both residential and commercial customers.

Get the right exit device for your commercial or residential needs

Here at R.O.N Locksmith, we take pride with our quality exit device installation and repair. We sell exit devices for both residential and commercial use. Our exit devices are made with quality materials that do not compromise your security needs.

Some of the exit devices we offer include rim touch bar, mortise lock touch bar, concealed vertical rod touch bar exit, and alarm panic exit device, among others. They have a comprehensive list of exit devices that provides best combination of strength, aesthetics, durability and innovation.

At R.O.N Locksmith, you can be assured that the security of your property is not compromised.
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Rim Touch Bar Exit Device

RIM   rim  

Concealed Vertical Rod Touch Bar Exit Device


Mortise Lock Touch Bar Exit


Vertical Rod Touch Bar Exit Device


Alarm panic exit deviced

Alarm panic   Alarm panic  

Croos bar exit device

croos bar exit device     

Touch sensore exit device

touch sensore exit device    


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